From the Farm To The Table: IQF Poultry

Poultry is one of the cheapest, healthiest and most popular source of animal protein in the world. With the demand for meat, milk, and eggs set to increase in the coming years, the question is, how do we meet the growing market and still maintain quality? With the population growing and the middle class expanding, previously poor households have an increase in income. To satisfy their need for meat consumption and also address the never-ending search for a leaner diet, the answer is frozen poultry. Poultry is one of the healthiest protein sources with a fat content lower than red meat. Rich in amino acids and highly digestible, poultry is on the track to becoming the world’s most consumed meat. Now the question is, how do we go from farm to table without sacrificing health, taste, and quality?

High-Quality Poultry

When thinking of poultry, the first thing that comes to mind is chicken or turkey. These are by far the most popular types of poultry, but duck and goose are also tasty alternatives. No matter what you choose, the selection and processing of the poultry are of the utmost importance. Select plump, unblemished, and odorless poultry for freezing. Depending on your market, different types of poultry will yield different results. Tender young birds are best for roasting, frying, and broiling, where flavorful, older birds are best for braising and stewing.

Food Safety

Providing high-quality poultry that is convenient, tasty, and safe is the goal of any processor. Due to its chemical composition, meat offers particularly favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms. Poultry must be properly stored, cleaned, handled, and cooked, to avoid foodborne illness. This is why food safety is the top priority for frozen meat and poultry processing. It is our job as food processors to deliver the safest product possible product in a convenient way. This is especially important when addressing the convenience of frozen meals. Sanitary freezer design and easy cleaning are where you need to start when choosing a freezer for your products. To do this, one has to start with the proper freezer.

AFE Spiral Freezer

When properly processed and frozen, poultry can stay delicious, nutritious, and safe for quite some time. With the right equipment, ensuring your meat is at the peak of quality is simple. At AFE, each of our commercial refrigeration and freezing units is crafted with industry-leading sanitation and durability. Stainless steel, welding, and dedication to hygienic design standards create products that simply outperform our competitors.

Hygiene is only one factor that needs to be considered. The available floor space in your facility is one of your most valuable assets. And when you’re making decisions regarding your equipment, it’s important to consider efficiency and performance. Make sure that you’re making the most of each and every inch with an AFE Packaged Spiral Freezer. Its unique spiral design is ideal for any freezing and cooling application and ensures simplistic, reliable and hygienic operation.