For The Best Frozen Asparagus

Asparagus is a popular item on the market with a high value. Sweet and firm, asparagus makes a great side dish for any meal and is a great source of flavor, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. However, it can be tricky to get right. Food processors need to pay extra attention to their pre-processing techniques and what technology they use to freeze this product. With careful selection and individual quick freezing, your asparagus will retain its texture and flavor no matter if its whole, diced, shopped, or just the asparagus tips.


Each asparagus must be cut to the desired shape with tough ends and scales removed. Once cut, the asparagus should be blanched in boiling water or with steam, then transferred to ice-cold water when they are done. Pre-cooling should be at about 7oC. Once properly processed, the asparagus is ready to be frozen.


Asparagus can be tricky to freeze. When compared to other frozen food products which use air to move the product and create a complete fluidization, IQF asparagus needs the air to circulate in a way that the product is not moving at all. When loading the asparagus, place it so that it is in the cross direction of belt movement. This avoids the risk of the asparagus rolling off the belt. You can load as much product as possible as long as there is still airflow going through the pieces.

IQF Freezers with AFE

With a natural appearance, shape, color, taste, and texture, consumers will be flocking to the isles for this great product. Our IQF freezers have optimal bedplate configuration and are easily controlled. Gentle handling during freezing helps protect  Delicate and fragile vegetables like broccoli, spinach, or asparagus from damage. High efficiency, easy maintenance, and cleaning make our IQF Tunnel Freezers the ideal choice. Our equipment is fabricated with stainless steel and expert welding for exceptional sanitation and durability. Each piece far exceeds industry standards for health, cleanliness, and energy savings to give you the best results for your business. Sold at a premium price, processors will have a higher yield of products and have more product to sell. With the most innovative freezing equipment on the market, your high-quality asparagus will fly off the shelves.