AFE Contact Belt Freezers

Contact Belt Freezer Overview

AFE IQF Tunnel Belt Freezer (4), contact belt freezerChoosing the right freezing equipment for your product is one of the hardest decisions a food processor will have to make in the beginning. When it comes to soft, high moisture products like poultry, red meat, or seafood, the ideal option is AFE’s Contact Belt Freezer.

The Contact Belt Freezer consists of a flat belt on which the product is laid, eliminating product markings or product shape alterations. The key to our design is the solid aluminum teardrop shaped belt – Anodized and Teflon coated. This acts as a “battery” that quickly draws heat of product through direct contact, allowing for a fast freezing time with minimal moisture loss. Seal your product quality and taste with the most hygienic, energy efficient, and reliable equipment available.

Contact Belt Freezers Benefits:

  • Modular or site built
  • Virtually no belt marks
  • Ideal for poultry, red meat, or seafood
  • Welded SS Steel or SS Clad Enclosure
  • 1,000-20,000 #/hr

Whatever your needs AFE can meet them in the space provided with our flexibility.

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Preventative Maintenance programs available

This will ensure your machinery is proactively maintained and unnecessary downtime is eliminated, saving you time and money!

Top 5 Reasons to have Preventative Maintenance for Your Freezer

  1. Better overall appearance and hygienic friendly freezer.
  2. Less equipment failure.
  3. Increased safety.
  4. Cost reduction from emergency repairs.
  5. Increased utilization or up-time


Contact Belt Freezers