AFE provides the most hygienic and efficient IQF freezing and cooling machines for ALL food products.

Machine configurations include Spirals, Tunnels, Plate Freezers, Box Freezers, Fluidizing Tunnel Freezers, Drag Tunnel Systems.


Exemplary Crafting

Each piece is crafted from high quality stainless steel with expert welding for durability.

AFE Experience

Decades of Experience

You can put your confidence in our over 150 combined years of experience to handle your needs.


Product Testing

AFE provides product testing both at our Testing Facility and on-site with our AFE Field Test Unit. Read more.


Exceptional Hygiene

You can trust that all of our unsurpassed hygienic designs and equipment exceeds standards for sanitization and dependability.

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We service the industrial sector by providing cooling and freezing equipment for food processing facilities.
Our goal is to provide the most hygienic, energy efficient and reliable equipment available in the world.


Lillian W. Reed

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