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equipment solutions - a sanitizing sprayer nozzle

Health and safety should always be a top priority for any industry, but especially when it comes to food processing facilities. When health and safety measures fail, production lines run the risk of product contamination, which can lead to serious consumer health risks. Product contamination can be cross-contamination, such as when a gluten-free product comes in contact with a product containing gluten, or it can be biological-contamination, which is when a food product comes in contact with a bacteria or germ, like salmonella or listeria.

One of the best things a company can do for itself is create a strong brand that inspires consumer loyalty. Consumers opt for products with labels promoting goods as “Non-GMO”, “Preservative-Free”, “Gluten-Free”, and “All Natural” to provide their families with the safest, healthiest products on the market and choose food brands with a reputation for food safety.

At AFE LLC our goal is to provide the most hygienic, energy-efficient, and reliable food processing equipment in the world. Cleanliness and hygiene are critical when it comes to food processing and preservation.

  • AFE’s CIP systems use an adjustable Rotating Nozzle Assembly to clean the inside of the freezer and all its components. Nozzles installed throughout the IQF’s insulated enclosure rotate to fully distribute detergent and sanitizing products. The CIP then follows with a thorough rinsing.
  • AFE’s CIP control panels are easily accessed. The CIP system provides an automatic method of hygienic cleansing that is easy to operate.
  • Additionally, AFE’s Pasteurization System heats to 78 degrees Celsius (173 Fahrenheit) to pasteurize.

The industrial freezers you choose for your business is essential to the success of your business. Each of our industrial freezers far exceeds industry standards for health, cleanliness, and energy savings to give you the best results in food processing and preservation.

C.S.A., U.S.D.A., and O.S.H.A. standards are strictly followed when designing and building all of our cooling equipment and industrial freezers. Our stainless-steel freezers are all welded, hygienic, and designed for exceptional quality.

All AFE freezers are equipped with emergency-stop safety features and optional nonskid floors.

Choose the stainless-steel industrial freezers that meet your unique needs.

Packaged Spiral Freezers

Modular design with faster freezing and lower energy consumption. The Packaged Spiral Freezer is provided in single to multiple pieces for installation in days vs. weeks. We integrate the most innovative overall design methods to ensure simplistic, reliable, and hygienic operation for years.

External Spiral Freezers

Incorporate a Spiral Freezer EXTERNAL to your facility with the entire machine self-sufficient, requiring no special foundation or roofing requirements.

Site-built Spirals

The Site-built Spiral solution is provided for installations where modular sections cannot be utilized in the most challenging locations. The same innovative methods of design are integrated into the site build industrial freezers for reliability, efficiency, and hygiene.

AFE offers a sanitary floor design for your Site-built Spiral Freezer, with vertical or horizontal air flow.

Cooling Equipment

Our Cooling Equipment solutions are provided for installations where modular sections cannot be utilized in the most challenging locations. The same innovative methods of design are integrated into the site build industrial freezers for reliability, efficiency, and hygiene.

AFE offers a sanitary floor design for your Cooling Equipment, with vertical or horizontal air flow.

IQF Tunnel

Our IQF Belt Tunnel Freezers provide high efficiency, as well as easy maintenance and cleaning. IQF Belt Tunnel Freezers from AFE handle a wide range of food freezing processes and are designed to suit your product needs.

Contact Belt Freezers

AFE Contact Belt Freezers are ideal when you need fast freezing times with minimized hydration loss. Our Contact Belt Freezers are designed for use with most foods such as raw meat, seafood, candies, and baby food.

IQF Hybrid Tunnel

Our IQF Hybrid Tunnel Freezers use high-efficiency components to help you save up to 30% in energy costs, with sequential defrost features.

AFE’s proven Hybrid model tunnel freezers combine Hybrid technology for reduced energy consumption, modular designs for immediate installations and hygienic construction that was once considered impossible. These tunnels are applied to the processing of small meat products as well as many varieties of fruits and vegetables.


The functions of AFE shakers include transportation of products, sorting of products (both by dimension and length), aiming or orientating products, de-watering, de-fatting or de-greasing of products, spreading or singling, sieving, and grading or dosing.

Plate Freezers

Our industrial grade Plate Freezers are the most thermally effective solution for food in packages and trays. AFE is a leader in Plate Freezer technology for reliability and efficiency.

Blast Freezers

The AFE-30 large, high-capacity centrifugal evaporator fan on our Blast Freezer draws air through the load to ensure even temperatures throughout the load. Our special design enables sufficient airflow to expedite the blast freezing process.

Multilevel Box Freezers

AFE Multilevel Box Freezers vary in the numbers of stacked levels and the number of shelfs in a row. We offer modular Multilevel Box Freezer designs that are adaptable, energy-saving, and helpful technology options for added functionality.

Spiral Steamers

Our commercial spiral steamers maximize efficiency and can be custom-engineered, with varying cooking capacities.

Spiral Coolers

AFE Spiral Coolers provide ambient or conditioned cooling environments ideal for sensitive food products.