Top 5 Reasons for Freezer Preventive Maintenance

AFE services a gear motor on a freezer unit

An AFE service technician performs a Gearmotor, bearing, sprocket alignment, and shaft inspection.

We all know the benefits of preventive maintenance and its role in preventing or limiting potential future issues or breakdowns. Simpler, less involved tasks that are completed today can help avoid complex, more expensive tasks in the future.

Proper maintenance will increase equipment reliability, reduce unscheduled downtime, loss of production, and other associated costs for emergency repairs.  Simply stated, your company can establish a more effective method of managing maintenance within your facility.

An AFE Service Contract is an effective maintenance plan that can offer your food processing operation the following benefits:

  1. Maintain Operation Readiness
  2. Less Equipment Failure
  3. Maintain Personnel and Equipment Safety
  4. Continued Freezing Consistency of Your Products(s)
  5. Maximize Hygiene Control with Systems Having CIP and Other Cleaning Functions

Today, let’s explore the first benefit of having an AFE Service Contract. Read More