Don’t Lose Nutrients or Value! Choose AFE to Freeze Your Broccoli!

a piece of broccoli

Vegetables are big members of the frozen food industry, but not every freezer will freeze produce while keeping freshness. Processing and preserving vegetables properly is essential to creating delicious, fresh, and safe products for your customers.

Broccoli: The Queen of the Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli is the queen of the frozen vegetable industry. Found in restaurants and on dinner tables around the world, you want your broccoli to keep its freshness from the time it’s picked to when it arrives on the table. The moment broccoli is harvested, the respiration process begins. This means that the broccoli will start to lose water and release heat. Additionally, it starts to lose vital nutrients. The moments from transportation, to quality control, to handling, to the supermarket, to your home, your broccoli will likely lose more than half of its minerals and vitamins.

Individual Quick Freezing

Don’t go for the one-size-fits all approach. Individual Quick Freezing is the ideal choice for high-value produce. In order to ensure the moisture, shape and freshness of small food items, AFE utilizes mechanical IQF Tunnels utilizing Ammonia or Freon. Your normally fragile broccoli will maintain its natural appearance, texture and color when frozen in an IQF Tunnel. An IQF Tunnel will not only lock in nutrients, but also ensure the highest quality broccoli that can be sold for a premium price. AFE IQF Tunnels can be fabricated using fully welded stainless steel panels or stainless steel clad panels that provide exceptional sanitation and durability. Each piece far exceeds the industry standards for health, cleanliness, and energy savings to give you the best results for your business.  For any vegetable processing, look to AFE for a wide variety of freezer and cooler products.

We service the industrial sector by providing cooling and freezing equipment for food processing facilities. Our goal is to provide the most hygienic, energy efficient and reliable equipment available in the world.