Blast Freezer

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The fan load of our blast freezers offers efficient use of the refrigeration so as to not exceed the product load. Our blast freezer equipment is well designed to keep average temperature rise to a minimum yet offer continuous, uniform air flow over your food products.

Good air distribution equals efficiency and may cut costs. We design our blast freezers to allow for ample loading and unloading of food product.

Our Blast Freezers Offer Worry-Free Freezing

The AFE-30 large high capacity centrifugal evaporator fan draws air through the load to ensure even temperatures throughout the load.

Standard blast freezer equipment is not equipped with an evaporator fan system designed to accommodate products with high-pressure drops, but with AFE’s special design, airflow is not reduced and the blast freezing process is not decelerated.

The new and improved AFE-30 false ceiling allows for even faster blast freezing by ensuring that the maximum airflow is pulled across your product. This ensures quicker cooling and less overall power use. The ceiling, which spans the entire container, is also easily adjustable by one person and can be adjusted to a variety of different load heights.

interior of a blast freezer


  • Low Box Temperatures: AFE 30-unit freezes products to -60° C (-76° F).
  • High Capacity: Depending on packaging and initial temperature of the goods, the blast freezer can be set to achieve the desired core temperature during either a 12- or 24-hour cycle during which the unit will maintain a supply air temperature of between -30° C(-22° F) and -65° C(-85°F) depending on the required capacity needed for product freezing.
  • Full Airflow, Even in Loads with High Cargo Internal Pressure Drop: The large evaporator’s highly efficient blower fan pulls air through loads even with high cargo internal pressure drop, thus ensuring optimal heat removal from the product. Many standard blast freezer units are not equipped with an evaporator fan designed for products with high-pressure drops.
  • Even Temperatures Throughout Entire Cargo: The design of the evaporator fan and the adjustable ceiling that covers the cargo provide efficient airflow control, which is essential for a quick lowering of the product temperature.
  • Superior Diagnostics: Amperages and pressures are measured and can be viewed and transferred to GSM mobile and satellite transmission modem.