IQF Tunnel Freezers

High-Efficency IQF Freezing Solutions From AFE

For high-volume commercial IQF freezing needs, turn to AFE for custom solutions for unparalleled dependability and quality. Learn more by reading about our IQF freezer products below, and contact us today if you have questions or are interested in trying any of our products.

IQF tunnel freezer

AFE offers three types of Tunnel Freezers:

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iqf tunnel freezer

IQF Tunnel Freezers

There’s no job too large for our industrial strength IQF tunnel freezers! As food runs through AFE’s IQF tunnel freezers, it’s frozen in just the right way to remove excess moisture and lock in flavor and freshness. As your production needs grow, so can your IQF freezer. The modular design of our units makes it possible to add or remove sections to allow for more or less production output.

  • One of the world’s largest freezing tunnels
  • Engineered & built to your production needs
  • For safe & dependable food processing – easy to clean & hygiene friendly
  • Ideal for meats and vegetables
  • Full foam cleaning system with zone control – single pass or recycle system (steam pasteurization available with welded enclosure)
iqf hybrid tunnel freezer

IQF Hybrid Tunnel Freezers

If your production needs require both freezing and chilling of perishable food products, AFE’s IQF hybrid tunnel freezer will be a perfect fit. Backed by the industry’s ONLY 10-year enclosure warranty, our hybrid units are designed to withstand constant long-term usage. Need to steam pasteurize your food products? Let our team know and we’ll make sure this will be possible with an additional welded enclosure.

  • Cost-effective, rapid freezing – can reduce energy use by up to 30%
  • Sequential defrost for continuous operation
  • Ideal for ready meals, meat products, seafood, poultry, vegetables, bake products, potato products, fruits, and more
  • Full foam cleaning system with zone control – single pass or recycle system (steam pasteurization available with welded enclosure)

Custom Built IQF Freezers

We realize that every production line is different, so we’ve made it possible to custom build an IQF tunnel freezer that meets your specific production needs. You’ll work with our team to craft a perfect solution that maximizes production output.

  • Option to extend tunnel length based on your production needs
  • Custom builds benefit from the same safety and efficiency systems that our pre-built solutions come with
  • Expansion options available to significantly increase production output

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