Site-built Spirals

heavy equipment placing pieces of a site-built spiral freezer

AFE’s site-built spiral freezer is engineered to fit your unique processing and space requirements.

a spiral freezer sitting in our warehouse ready for shipping

The site-built spiral freezer is manufactured to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, recognizing today’s food industry standards. Our site-built freezers give you the flexibility to have smaller parts shipped according to the schedule assembly at your site. Wiring is completed before shipping, while floor systems are elevated and sloped to accommodate drains. A seamless, all-welded stainless-steel enclosure prevents the growth of harmful bacteria to provide a superb hygienic environment for your food-product storage.

Designed for larger production capacity, AFE site-built freezers are designed and built to meet your production needs, based on your specific requirements.

in progress photo of a site-built spiral freezer

Benefits of a Site-Built Spiral Freezer:

  • Can be designed for large production capacity
  • Assembled and installed in hard to reach places
  • Can be designed with defrost system with extended operating time