Spiral Freezers

High-Output Freezing Solutions For Industrial Applications

As one of the top spiral freezer manufacturers in the market, AFE is proud to present our lineup of custom spiral freezers that are designed to efficiently freeze thousands of pounds of food per hour, including vegetables, fruit, meat, baked goods, and more. Learn more about each of our spiral freezers below to determine which one would be most ideal for your specific application.

compact spiral freezer

AFE offers six types of Spiral Solutions:

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compact spiral freezer

Compact Spiral Freezers

Ideal for situations where space is limited, AFE’s compact spiral freezers perform many of the same functions that our full-sized models provide, but without taking up as much space. Production speed is reduced as a result, but since this unit takes up less space, it’s possible to bring high-quality production in-house in buildings where a full-sized unit would not fit.

  • Perfect for making the most of your available space
  • Best for baked goods, meat, poultry, vegetables, potato products, and ready meals
  • Process thousands of pounds of food per hour
  • A hygienic friendly freezer
  • Modular design installs in days & can be moved with ease
packaged spiral freezer

Packaged Spiral Freezers

As one of our most popular industrial spiral freezers, AFE’s packaged spiral freezers are designed to process large volumes of packaged foods in record time. Ideal for situations where high output is required but quality cannot be sacrificed. And to avoid significant interruptions to production schedules, this freezer can be set up in just a few days, as opposed to the several-week setup time typically required for other manufacturers’ freezers of this type.

  • Modular design with faster freezing and lower energy consumption
  • Simplistic, reliable, hygienic
  • Can be located externally to save floor space
  • Process thousands of pounds of packaged food per hour
  • Single or multiple pieces for installation in just a few days & can be moved with ease
external spiral freezer

External Spiral Freezers

When you need the high volume output that a packaged spiral freezer offers but your facility doesn’t have enough space inside the building to store it, AFE’s external spiral freezer is the perfect solution. Designed with the same efficiencies and capabilities of our other freezers, this unit is designed to also withstand the elements outdoors and last for years to come, backed by our 10 year warranty.

  • Save valuable floor space by choosing an external spiral freezer
  • Self-sufficient – needs no special foundation or roofing requirement
  • Process thousands of pounds of food per hour
  • Simplistic, reliable, hygienic – exceeds industry standards for sanitization and dependability
  • Single or multiple pieces for installation in just a few days & can be moved with ease
site-built spiral freezer

Site-Built Spiral Freezers

When your facility’s size and layout require a custom-built solution, AFE’s site-built spiral freezers will provide the flexibility and customizations you need for your custom application. We’ll work with your production schedule to plan out the delivery of each required part and the final construction and assembly process, to minimize downtime at your facility.

  • Assembled at your location on your schedule
  • Seamless, all-welded stainless-steel enclosure provides a superb hygienic environment
  • Designed for larger production capacity to meet your specific requirements and production needs
  • Can be assembled and installed in hard-to-reach places

Custom-Built Spiral Coolers

If your facility’s production needs are unique, AFE can produce a custom-built spiral cooler with your custom needs in mind. We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and build a solution that conserves space, makes maintenance and cleaning more feasible, and eliminates product movement on the belt.

  • Built to your specific requirements and production needs
  • For more delicate food processing
  • Reliable, hygienic application
  • Full clean in place (CIP)
spiral steamer

Custom-Built Spiral Steamers

Designed to create an impressively small footprint, AFE’s spiral steamers can be custom-built to your specifications. We’ll work with you to maximize output without compromising quality or hygiene. We’ll also make sure that industry-standard safety features are incorporated into your custom design.

  • Built to your specific requirements and production needs
  • Enable high-return food processing while maintaining quality and consistency
  • Best for meat products, fish, and packaged/trayed food products

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