Pizza & Pasta

balls of spaghetti, on foil, on a pan

Preserve your pizza & pasta products with confidence

Pizza and pasta products are some of the most popular processed food products available. Ensure the highest quality for your products with our range of industrial pizza and pasta cooling systems. Both smaller, space-saving products and larger, site-built industrial pizza freezer units are available to meet your business’s specific objectives and budgetary goals.

balls of mixed penne pasta noodles on a table

Hygienic products for pizza and pasta preservation

Cleanliness and hygiene are critical considerations when it comes to food processing and preservation. Each of our industrial pasta freezers and industrial pizza cooling equipment are built with stainless steel and expert welded enclosures for superb sanitation and energy efficiency

filled pasta lined in rows on a table

What industrial pizza freezer and industrial pizza cooling equipment is right for you?

The type of cooling and freezing equipment that is right for you depends on the type of pizza & pasta products your business produces.

Contact us to find the industrial pizza freezer units to preserve the taste and extend the shelf life of your products.

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