AFE “Product Testing”

AFE Field Testing UnitAdvanced Food Equipment (AFE) has been providing chilling/freezing testing on almost any type of food products and packaging since 1990 to help determine the best solutions for our client’s needs.  This allows us to suggest if the application is better suited for a variety of Spirals – “Packaged” Fully Welded, Site Built, Compact, Hydro, Tunnels – IQF, Drag Through, Contact Belt, Plate, “Crust Chill”, or a VRT/SRT box/carton system.   Most of this testing is now done at our Testing Facility in Ridgway, PA.  

We also provide an AFE Field Test Unit that can be delivered directly to your location for on-site testing.  The AFE field test unit is designed to allow for accurate testing at a client’s facility for cooling and freezing applications.  The test unit is compact, rolls on wheels, and requires only single phase power.  Air temperatures and air speeds are adjustable.  Small particle product to fairly large size boxes can be tested by adjusting set up configurations.

AFE Field Testing Unit 2Power Required
230 volt, 30 amps, single phase

8’-7” Long x 3’ Wide x 3’-11” H closed and 6’ high when the lid is open

The test unit weights approximately 800 pounds.

Please contact AFE for any of your cooling/freezing test needs.  We can set up a time to run these tests at our facility in Ridgway, PA or schedule a delivery for the AFE Field Test Unit.

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