AFE Seafood refridgerationProtect your seafood

Seafood is one of the most delicate food products. Within a very short period, fresh, delicious seafood can go bad. Proper cooling and freezing are essential for protecting the health, safety, and quality of the seafood throughout the entire process. Our cooling and refrigeration units are crafted to exceed the highest standards of the industry so you can feel confident your seafood is protected.

Stainless steel, hygienic products

Cleanliness and hygiene are critical considerations when it comes to food processing and preservation. Each of our pieces is built with stainless steel and expert welding for exceptional sanitation and energy savings.

What are your product requirements?

Let us make sure your business is fully equipped with the highest quality seafood processing, cooling, and freezing equipment available. Review these recommendations and then give us a call to our knowledgeable team can put over 150 combined years of experience behind your equipment needs.

Choose the freezer option that meets your unique needs:

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We have Preventative Maintenance programs available! This will ensure your machinery is proactively maintained and unnecessary downtime is eliminated, saving you time and money!

Top 5 Reasons to Preventative Maintenance to Your Freezer

  1. Better overall appearance and hygienic friendly freezer.
  2. Less equipment failure.
  3. Increased safety.
  4. Cost reduction from emergency repairs.
  5. Increased utilization or up-time