AFE Approach

AFE Approach

Since 1990, AFE has been providing a full array of exceptional refrigeration, cooling, freezing and processing equipment. Whether you need refrigeration, meat processing, produce processing, or other equipment, let AFE help you find all the equipment you need to help your business thrive. With customer collaboration, we will provide a proposal specific to the processing of your product with a machine integrated into the constraints of your specific requirements. Your unit will be fabricated in the Netherlands, completely assembled in the workshop and transported to your site. Because our units are pre assembled in the workshop, installation time is very short.

C.S.A., U.S.D.A., and O.S.H.A. standards are strictly followed when designing and building all of our refrigeration equipment. Our equipment has a very hygienic design consisting of a fully welded enclosure (10 year warranty), belt support, side guiding, sloped floor and led lights. We also have in-house testing of food products to confirm our freezing or cooling machinery results.

Advantages Through Preparation

Ready for Transport

Disassembling To Transportable Modules

Lifting of Modules into Plant on Site

Efficient Delivery Logistics

When it comes to getting the most dependable performance from your food processing equipment, the quality of the equipment is only one part of your needs. Put your confidence in the AFE approach. We will be there for you to provide the guidance, answers, and recommendations you need to find the ideal equipment for your business. Give us a call for a FREE estimate and to learn more about the equipment we have to offer. AFE also has an office in Europe to better serve the European region.