AFE and Farm Frites: A Higher Hygiene Ranking

frozen fries on a conveyor belt

The European processing industries investment in their deep-freeze capacity and strict legislation around the use of the refrigerants means there is more of a demand for frozen fries than ever. There is also a call for increasing standards regarding continuity, capacity, hygiene, and natural energy use. Last year Farm Frites invested millions of euros in a new  IQF Freezer. What freezer did they choose? AFE with their state-of-the-art line of the freezers with the highest hygiene ranking in the industry.

Why is AFE the number one choice for freezers?


This is probably one of the most important features of a modern IQF Freezer because the profit is in the availability of the machine. Every second that the production line at Farm Frites is not operating costs them about 1.5 euros. After eight hours, that amount equates to 43,500 euros lost. With an IQF Freezer from AFE, production only stops to do the necessary cleaning between lots. The machine operates for multiple weeks around the clock without stoppage and is perfectly capable of running many more weeks if other surrounding conditions allowed such.

Electricity Saving:

With modern evaporators, Farm Frites is saving a lot of energy. While many suppliers use a cooling agent of -32°C, AFE uses evaporators at -25°C. Every degree lower in the evaporator requires 3% more energy, meaning AFE freezers can save 21% on energy. With electric prices at 6 euro cents per KWh, Farm Frites can save 160,000 euros in one year. Additionally, the 39 centrifugal fans in each IQF Freezer can be operated with frequency regulators, thus being able to operate with lower energy usage. With the reserved capability to process 40 metric tons per hour, these savings will substantially increase.

Ready-Made Modules:

AFE provides IQF Freezers as ready-made modules.This means AFE only needs to weld the large modules together at the factory site minimizing significant installation time and resources in the field. However, these giant freezers require some organization to transport to the facility. With an inland craft, the enormous modules can be delivered to the nearest port to curtail road transport.

Hygenic Demands:

Fully welded enclosures with raised self-supporting fully welded floor systems slopped to integral drains focused on the elimination of nuts/bots and ‘sandwiched pieces” help to ensure optimal hygienic conditions. Cleaners can reach every spot of the freezer. Plus, with the addition of LED lights, the freezer can also be inspected everywhere.  AFE’s Cleaning in Place system automates the cleaning process making cleaning easier and faster. The evaporators are cleaned with spray pipes while the tunnel is cleaned with special spray balls with nozzles installed in the IQF Freezer and under the conveyor belt. After spraying, the entire space is heated to 78°C in order to pasteurize the inside.

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AFE provides the most hygienic and efficient Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) freezing and cooling machines for ALL food products. Our goal is to provide the most hygienic, energy efficient and reliable equipment available in the world.