AFE equipment maintenance

Maintenance: AFE Has Got You Covered

One of the most important considerations when acquiring professional-grade heavy-duty food manufacturing equipment is the lifespan and longevity of system components. Nothing lasts forever, and when one considers the average wear and tear to which such systems are subjected over their operation lifetime, it only stands to reason that eventually, repairs will be required.

That’s where Advanced Food Equipment has you covered. We make maintenance easy with superior long-term contracts to ensure that your machine receives all necessary care and attention required to keep it running smoothly and efficiently throughout its projected service period, and potentially even longer.


The long-term integrity of enclosed equipment depends on many factors, and we at AFE take great pride in how well we address it. For instance, all AFE enclosures are seal welded, with all penetrations sealed. Not only is this the most hygienic approach, but it also provides exceptional durability and ease of care. This care and design integrity allow us to build the best enclosed freezers available, and the high-quality steam cookers made by AFE reliably provide superior steam pasteurization of the spirals and tunnels in our food production systems.

AFE also offers full maintenance services for our spiral and tunnel freezers. These services include freezer relocations, regularly recommended preventive maintenance, equipment or component refurbishing, and emergency service (plus ready access to industrial freezer equipment parts). 


It’s a well-known fact that the benefits of preventive maintenance can truly make all the difference in the success of any production business. Our maintenance management process prevents or limits potential future issues or breakdowns by carrying out simpler, less involved tasks – today. Eliminating system failures or breakdowns before they happen will result in more productive uptime and a more cost-effective future for the protected equipment and system.

All mechanical equipment should be monitored and regularly inspected, lest equipment failure result in potentially costly, unplanned repairs. An effective preventative industrial maintenance plan or AFE Service Contract will greatly eliminate such unexpected failures.

AFE enables our clients to avoid most potential disasters through targeted preventative maintenance plans that can reduce or even eliminate unplanned equipment failures. We are dedicated to ensuring that the machinery of our clients is maintained in a proactive manner, to reduce or eliminate unnecessary and unplanned downtime. Our money-saving preventative maintenance programs are designed to provide reliability and peace of mind to our clients and their businesses.

Our preventative maintenance programs provide regular machinery inspections and reports, specifically customized to your equipment and system. AFE preventative freezer maintenance technicians will also be regularly dispatched to your installation site, where they will conduct full-service inspections.

AFE recommends any of a number of full-service yearly maintenance programs or quarterly preventive maintenance schedules, as desired. Another available option is a customized training program, designed to train our clients themselves in important maintenance procedures. AFE maintains a small fleet of fully equipped mobile vans, enabling our maintenance professionals to get to your site in a hurry so they can get your equipment working again. If any special parts or replacement components are required, we’ll make sure your machine gets what it needs to bring it back into full operation as quickly as possible.


Not only do our IQF Spiral Freezers exceed industry standards for sanitization and dependability, but if a repair is ever needed on these or other models of our industrial freezer equipment, we maintain teams of fully qualified industrial freezer repair technicians ready to mobilize and make onsite repairs. These technicians can be on the road almost immediately, en route to your site to provide emergency repair services as necessary.

AFE also offers superior system repair service through friendly, knowledgeable staff and motivated technicians ready to help you.

Maintenance and AFE

When it comes to maintenance, AFE has got you covered! We stand ready to serve the needs of our clients, bringing to bear a full range of engineering and manufacturing resources to provide the food processing equipment repair you need to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Your partners at Advanced Food Equipment LLC. invite you to explore the durability and craftsmanship of the products we offer. We think you’ll agree— AFE is passionately dedicated to providing our customers with the best and most effective long-term equipment options available when anticipating all of your food production needs.

Contact us to work with you in developing your food production strategy today!