HTST Pasteurization: The Process, Benefits, Equipment

HTST pasteurization, short for “high-temperature, short-term” pasteurization, is the most common method used to extend the shelf life of many food products and beverages. It’s also called flash pasteurization.

Heating foods and liquids at high temperatures for a short amount of time effectively slows the growth of microbes and kills harmful bacteria, such as Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella. The process is highly effective and efficient for the pasteurization of bulk products and milk and dairy products. Food products sterilized by HTST typically have low to medium viscosity.

It’s essential that your food processing equipment be hygienic to retain the benefits of HTST.

AFE designs and builds complete HTST systems to accommodate your production needs and rates. Our systems can be pre-assembled or set-up on site. With experienced technicians and knowledgeable sales staff, we work with you through the entire process, from conception to installation.

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The HTST Process

The HTST process entails using metal plates and hot water to raise milk or food product temperatures in a short amount of time, followed by rapid cooling. Flash pasteurization is done through the use of a multi-section plate and frame heat exchanger. Hygienic stainless-steel plates are compressed together with the heating or cooling form on one side and the product on the other. A homogenizer heats the product then moves it into the heating section set to pasteurizing temperatures.

The product is then returned to the vat for cooling. Lastly, the cooled product is pumped into a vat for freezing or bagging.

Benefits of Flash Pasteurization

Flash pasteurization slows the growth of microbes, kills harmful bacteria, extends the shelf life of liquid products and food products with low or medium viscosity. It is an efficient method of pasteurization and helps maintain the natural flavor, appearance, and nutritional value of food items through the industrial processing and packaging process.

HTST Pasteurization Units For Sale

AFE aims to deliver the most cost-effective, hygienic solutions for your pasteurization needs. We can create sanitary process equipment specific to your needs and to your facility’s dimensions. Moreover, our sanitary stainless-steel welders and fabricators have the knowledge and skills to meet even the most stringent specifications and standards. To learn more about our flash pasteurization system capabilities, contact us today.