Spiral Freezers: A Location Option for IQF Freezers

Limited Space for  IQF Freezers? An AFE Spiral Freezer is a Great Solution

You have a need to expand and need a bigger industrial freezer, or need an additional processing line with a new freezer.  However, you just don’t have the floor space for a freezer that takes up 900+ square feet.  Have you ever thought about a freezing solution that is placed outside?  AFE has provided several freezing solutions that are placed outside to allow greater production floor space inside the facility.  With that, AFE’s designs ensure that your external freezer is more than capable of withstanding the outside environment while providing the highest standards in proper product freezing.

AFE uses state-of-the-art fabrication technologies including laser cutting, robotic welding, and various CNC machines to manufacturer its spiral freezers. So much precision goes into our equipment that some in the industry call us the “BMW of spiral freezers.”

AFE provides customized sizing for all applications.  Contrary to the standard thinking, customizing is not more expensive, but ensures you are not buying more freezer than you need. Let’s explore the different types of spiral freezers and how AFE can meet your needs.

What Are the Different Types of Spiral Freezers?

AFE provides the following:spiral freezer built on site

Packaged: Our packaged spiral freezers are a modular in design.  The mindset is to reduce the installation time from weeks to days.  These are ideal for freezing or cooling in a medium-capacity, up to 12,000 pounds per hour.

Site-built: Do you have a need for a large spiral freezer, or cannot utilize AFE’s modular solution? AFE has years of experience accommodating manufacturers with on-site freezer builds.  Our field technicians are the best in the industry with decades of experience to expedite the installation.

CRT Compact: AFE compact spiral freezers handle product rates between 500-1500 lbs/hour and are fully assembled.  Land the freezer, hook up the utilities, and you are ready to go.

Systems can include: Service contracts (quarterly preventative maintenance), CIP (Clean-In-Place), pasteurization, anti-slip flooring, long-lasting recessed LED lighting, and more!

Contact us with questions about which spiral freezer is best for your needs or if you have concerns about the floor space available in your food processing plant.

Can I Expect the Typical 1-year Warranty with my Freezer System?

No, AFE is so confident with their design and manufacturing/fabrication processes, AFE offers the industry’s ONLY 10-year warranty on our fully welded enclosure with an elevated floor support assembly, as well as our slip or positive driven drum assemblies.

Where Can I Buy A Customized Spiral Freezer?

Communicate with AFE to get a greater understanding of our capabilities. AFE personnel are prepared for on-site visits with proper PPE. “Go to Meeting” and other virtual means of introduction can be utilized.  Call us at 814.772.6396 to schedule a meeting.