HTST Pasteurization: The Process, Benefits, Equipment

HTST pasteurization, short for “high-temperature, short-term” pasteurization, is the most common method used to extend the shelf life of many food products and beverages. It’s also called flash pasteurization.

Heating foods and liquids at high temperatures for a short amount of time effectively slows the growth of microbes and kills harmful bacteria, such as Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella. The process is highly effective and efficient for the pasteurization of bulk products and milk and dairy products. Food products sterilized by HTST typically have low to medium viscosity.

It’s essential that your food processing equipment be hygienic to retain the benefits of HTST.

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Ready for International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2022

Advanced Food Equipment is excited to join the more than 1,000 exhibitors from all over the globe who will exhibit at IPPE 2022 Jan. 25-27 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This is one of the most important international fairs in the food production and food processing industry.

AFE will be showcasing its latest technological developments in industrial freezing and cooling equipment, helping to provide exceptionally hygienic solutions for the poultry, beef, pork, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and dairy industries, as well as others. AFE’s state-of-the-art technologies help companies avoid costly downtime. Furthermore, our blast freezers can operate at a lower capacity to save electricity and offer advanced hygienic features.

Visit AFE at Booth C11353

Join the more than 25,000 visitors expected to arrive at Georgia World Congress Center and seek us out at Booth C11353. While we’re proud of the outstanding industrial freezer equipment service we provide, the personal relationships we form with our customers have enabled us to enjoy global success. We’d love to meet you at this show and learn about the needs of your company.

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sanitary design commercial freezer for food processing

Hygienic and Sanitary Design for Improved Food Processing

When food processors commit to improved equipment hygiene, they mitigate the risk of product recalls, food waste, costly downtime, damaged reputation, and, most importantly, they mitigate the risk to consumer health.

What is your OEM doing to inhibit bacteria from forming and harboring in equipment? Let’s look at ways manufacturers can better prevent bacteria harborage.

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Spiral Freezers: A Location Option for IQF Freezers

Limited Space for  IQF Freezers? An AFE Spiral Freezer is a Great Solution

You have a need to expand and need a bigger industrial freezer, or need an additional processing line with a new freezer.  However, you just don’t have the floor space for a freezer that takes up 900+ square feet.  Have you ever thought about a freezing solution that is placed outside?  AFE has provided several freezing solutions that are placed outside to allow greater production floor space inside the facility.  With that, AFE’s designs ensure that your external freezer is more than capable of withstanding the outside environment while providing the highest standards in proper product freezing.

AFE uses state-of-the-art fabrication technologies including laser cutting, robotic welding, and various CNC machines to manufacturer its spiral freezers. So much precision goes into our equipment that some in the industry call us the “BMW of spiral freezers.”

AFE provides customized sizing for all applications.  Contrary to the standard thinking, customizing is not more expensive, but ensures you are not buying more freezer than you need. Let’s explore the different types of spiral freezers and how AFE can meet your needs. Continue reading

CIP (clean in place) nozzle

Why You Need Clean In Place (CIP) Systems For Spiral Freezers and IQF Tunnels

Food processing facilities and food processors must be vigilant about hygiene. Their business depends on it.  For decades, Advanced Food Equipment (AFE) has helped food processing operations maintain sanitation with the most hygienic and efficient Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) freezers and cooling equipment for all kinds of food products. AFE’s comprehensive Clean In Place systems for spiral freezers and IQF tunnels provide easy-to-operate, automated washing capabilities that save money and help eliminate downtime.

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Top 5 Reasons for Freezer Preventive Maintenance

AFE services a gear motor on a freezer unit
An AFE service technician performs freezer preventive maintenance by inspecting a Gearmotor, bearing, sprocket alignment, and shaft inspection.

We all know the benefits of preventive maintenance and its role in preventing or limiting potential future issues or breakdowns. Simpler, less involved tasks that are completed today can help avoid complex, more expensive tasks in the future.

Proper maintenance will increase equipment reliability, reduce unscheduled downtime, loss of production, and other associated costs for emergency repairs.  Simply stated, your company can establish a more effective method of managing maintenance within your facility.

An AFE Service Contract is an effective maintenance plan that can offer your food processing operation the following benefits:

  1. Maintain Operation Readiness
  2. Less Equipment Failure
  3. Maintain Personnel and Equipment Safety
  4. Continued Freezing Consistency of Your Products(s)
  5. Maximize Hygiene Control with Systems Having CIP and Other Cleaning Functions

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Prevent Product Contamination With AFE’s Unsurpassed Hygienic Designs

Whomever coined the phrase “There is no such thing as bad publicity” clearly never worked in the food industry. When it comes to food prep, all publicity matters because having a positive consumer perception of your company is the key to success. That’s why companies big and small understand the seriousness of making headlines for product contamination.

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The Importance of Maintenance

a site-built spiral freezer

The status of your freezing and cooling equipment is important to us long after it reaches your business. If you read our article “AFE Approach”, then you already know that we pride ourselves in finding the equipment you need for your business to thrive. Preparation. Transportation. Delivery. But what happens to your equipment after it’s delivered?

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Chilling with AFE

2 scoops of chocolate ice-cream on a cone

Summer temperatures are soaring across the country and when things heat up, you want to make sure those ice-cold dairy products stay cold. Ice cream. Cheese. Milk. Yogurt. That only works if your IQF freezer is in proper working order. If you read our article, “The Hottest Thing In Keeping Cool“, then you already know we use custom machinery and the latest technology to design a freezer to fit your specific needs. You know your products best but we also know a thing or two about freezing dairy!

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Frozen Bakery: A Global Market

frozen bakery goods on a plate next to an egg and fork Frozen bakery goods have seen renewed popularity in large part due to the high demand for food durability. With the hectic lifestyle of the average person, the reason for our frozen food preference is obvious. Frozen baked goods, when compared to traditional ones, have a longer lifespan. In addition, increasing disposable incomes means consumers eating habits have changed, further stimulating the frozen bakery market. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods have crossed over from the traditional “after-dinner desert” to indulgent between-meal snacks. This increased spending and snacking are important factors that have contributed to the growth of frozen bakery items in the past several years.

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